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Geekish - Technology News Blogger Template

Geekish Blogger Template
Geekish Blogger Template

Geekish is a futuristic blogger template build with extra care. It is a fully responsive and that can function as blog, magazine, news site or static website. However, what makes Geekish stands different from the other people is its flexibility. It comes with multiple layouts on home, post page and static pages.

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Template Details

  • Price: $20
  • Version: 1.0
  • Package Theme Files, PSD & Docs

What you get?

  • 1 Membership
  • 2 Instant Support
  • 3 Template Documentation
  • 4 PhotoShop PSD File(s)
  • 5 Regular Template Updates
  • 6 Lifetime Support


  • Responsive Layout

    Geekish is a fully responsive Blogger template that automatically adjusts the resolution of the screen to support all devices and browsers of different resolutions. It is optimal display with futuristic approach that other themes may not have..
  • Template Options

    Geekish has flexible and high performing options, made avaliable so that users belong to different niches can reshape the template according to their desired needs. It is highly user-friendly and at the same time has gazillion options for proper customizations.
  • Custom Widgets

    It has lots of custom and Google build (customized) gadgets. Some highly searched widgets are also made avaliable so that you don't have to attach extra string or to apply extra efforts. Including, Recent Posts, Featured posts, Related Posts, and much more.
  • Browser Compatibility

    Geekish is compatible with almost all browsers. Its responsive designs gives it the extra ability to perform the actions just accurately. It works wholesome in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and other high quality browsers.
  • SEO Friendly

    When you talk about SEO, we are the best. With some high quality and extra-smart plugins, we have done some really awesome SEO work on this template. Its not just you, its about ranking your content at the top of Google search engine.
  • Google Web Fonts

    Geekish has custom as well as Google build fonts, allowing your site to have a flourishing speed. At the same time, providing you the real quality of pure fonts.
  • Optimized For Adsense

    When it comes to generate revenue, you need some high CPC ad spots. This theme is great for Adsense and other advertising platforms. You can check the demo for more details on the ad spots.
  • Multiple Color Schemes

    Geekish comes with 3 different colors that consists of the original (light blue color), light reddish color and our all time favorite (Greenish color). However, users can still ask for customization, After purchasing, simply send us an email at and our customer support would do whatever you ask.
  • Social Media Icons

    Some real high quality Social plugins are added by default. You can see them on the main header, below post title, and many other high quality places.
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